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The opening ceremony

Akwaba, the African travel market which took place in Lagos sometime in the dying embers of 2010. The travel market brings people from different places to promote tourism in Africa. Even though Africans don’t care so much about tourism, it is the best way to communicate with the wider world by appreciating our culture and traditions.



Ikechi Uku, Kairaba and Mr Dany Jordan




Mr Ikechi Uku, was one Nigerian who made it possible in Nigeria for the wonderful occasion to take place every year.


Display of craft items



People from all over the world availed themselves to have fun, learn and see things for themselves as part of some of the most amazing things about the African travel market.





writer and friends from Calabar

A lot of activities took place with dancers from Ghana and Cross River

state in Nigeria who  entertained with their colorful traditional attire.


Ghanaian dancers


Dignitaries and government officials could not miss the occasion








Alex and writer

This travel market  made me respect and appreciate other peoples’ culture and tradition because in one way or the other, we are one and history made it possible for the commonness in life.




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Fulani men dancing

kaltamashak women cheering

Kaltamashak women on donkeys

It is always magnificent to witness such activities. I was so charmed and attracted with the way they do their things.

Kursali is a festival that is being celebrated by the Niger people, although it is the way of bringing all the people that are in far places, those who don’t live in the village, those always on the road traveling. It was all an idea of the government to identify the number of citizens who do not get the chance to immunise their animals and children to be able to do that.

This festival is a way of encouraging them to do better in looking after their animals and children since they are nomadic. That is how Kursali came to existence, and they celebrate it in such a way that creates competition among themselves including display of traditional attire, singing, dancing and talent show and also display of well fed animal for which at the end of the festival, an award gets given to the best person.

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front viewThe Deribe’s gold house, it is unusual to say a gold house but believe me or not it is true a house made of marble and gold isn’t that magnificent.  Well entering the house is another thing entirely taking you to another level of life whereby you will be wondering if really you are on earth or paradise. Walking on the long corridor which I was told by one of his son Talba Ahmed Deribe a lawyer by profession, said that it is the longest corridor in the whole West Africa, I was like “heh” wait a minute, does that mean am now standing on the longest corridor in West Africa.

longest corridor

longest corridor

My mood changed immediately feeling like a royal queen in her palace. We walked some few distance, when we were directed to the kitchen, “wow” I said to myself seeing such a big kitchen as if it is for a five-star hotel at that moment I now know that when it comes to design people can be really creative to give such a wonderful turnout.All the equipment you can think of is available comparing to the years that the house is being built, they really tried. The next room is a big dining hall with about 50 chairs, even the queen of England don’t have such a thing in her house am sure.

part of the dinning section

Our guide led us to a large parlor and everything there is light blue, white and gold, I was able to see the first screen TV in the 70s before the coming of 29 inches talk less of flat screen or LCD. The other TV ITS height is just as mine. The POP done on the wall is so beautiful that you can get your eyes off it. Even the carpet his name is written on it in an Arabic form, linking to a small door there is another parlor this time around is the main thing, everything there is gold, gold, gold, nothing but gold. I just sat down on a chair staring at the wonderful art design of gold on the wall that I can’t really believe my eyes if really am seeing this for real or just a dream. I felt like not leaving the place and in the same parlor I saw the first standing Ac that we use today in the banks and other places. Read the rest of this entry »


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