16 Mar

Fulani men dancing

kaltamashak women cheering

Kaltamashak women on donkeys

It is always magnificent to witness such activities. I was so charmed and attracted with the way they do their things.

Kursali is a festival that is being celebrated by the Niger people, although it is the way of bringing all the people that are in far places, those who don’t live in the village, those always on the road traveling. It was all an idea of the government to identify the number of citizens who do not get the chance to immunise their animals and children to be able to do that.

This festival is a way of encouraging them to do better in looking after their animals and children since they are nomadic. That is how Kursali came to existence, and they celebrate it in such a way that creates competition among themselves including display of traditional attire, singing, dancing and talent show and also display of well fed animal for which at the end of the festival, an award gets given to the best person.

the writer and the singers

enjoying a Donkey ride

Group of women singing

kaltamashak men on camels

I really had a fun and wonderful experiences, try as much as possible to visit one day. it is celebrated once a year in September.


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2 responses to “KURSALI FESTIVAL

  1. ogala

    March 17, 2011 at 10:40 am

    Nice travel piece, sounds like a good experience.


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