Negligence of Tourism In Nigeria

15 Mar

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Nigeria is blessed with so many cultural heritage and natural resources that is yet to be explored to the outside world. In Nigeria Tourism is yet to be identified as a major income to the country because of the poor image of Nigeria and Nigerians internationally. Tourism has become global leisure over 1.1 billion international tourist travels worldwide to different kinds of Tourism Destinations which represent a large amount of income in payment for goods and services. Even though the government did some project towards tourism in the country, yet in the last couple of years this target has not being achieved because of the persistence of numerous brand grind down due to poverty, corruption, illiteracy, insecurity, floored Electoral process and lack of basic infrastructure. This is huge problem unless these challenges are frontally confronted; the Focus on the energy sector makes it more difficult for Nigerians not patronizing tourism unlike other countries that depends on that like Kenya.
The number ethnic groups in the country have a rich cultural heritages and festivals that can be exhibited ordinarily in the Tourism sector, when we have what it takes to showcase to the world which include festivities sites such as Argungu Fishing Festival in Kebbi, Durbar Festival in kano, Osun Osogbo Festival in Osun, and Historical and tourist sites like Yankari game reserve in Bauchi state, Sukur kingdom in Adamawa state, Obudu ranch in Cross Rivers state and Jos springs and many more. It is sad that to note that the country has remained an under-dog economically even with the enormous human, natural and material resources at the disposal in the Country. It is such a tragic that Investors preferred smaller markets with lesser mineral resources, and when it comes to Tourism is always about less cost involvement of budget not regarding the importance to the society. The worst of all both the Government and the Private sector don’t bother to seek through all the benefit within the sector but rather attributes towards the inability degrading it.
Branding or rebranding its marketing concept which is a best way to go about the whole situation and associate the sector into the global attraction of worthy Tourism, centred towards the country with an aimed to polish the image of the nation to make it more attractive for Foreign Investment, tourist and several citizens of the world. Nigerians happens to easily blend with people and the trademark of warmness welcome that a foreigner gets gives the country a dignity image that wherever a Nigerian is he can be identify immediately due to the character display of friendly approach at any given time. Even though with what is going on in the country that some are lured by unscrupulous “leaders” to kill and maim their fellow brothers and sisters in the name of politics doesn’t make any difference because Nigerian nation is also a potentially great nation given the enormous human and material resources she is blessed with. She however remained the giant of Africa.
It is just sad that schools in Nigeria don’t consider going to any of the tourism sites for excursion they rather travel outside the country for excursion which is expensive and not even important to the knowledge of the children; knowing about other people’s history and culture and neglecting their roots. It is really terrible; I believe both the government and the private sector try as much as possible to help improve the situation that is affecting the future of this country. Oil and gas sector should not be the only source of revenue, Tourism happens to also be the best way of generating lots of revenue, job creation, developing the aviation sectors, transportations, Hotels including the places involved. Most Nigerians don’t even know what is going on around them; holiday is not a primary thing that they always consider. The modern technology existence is making most people lazy to move around also contributes in destroying the sector, worst of all most these sites are abounded and foreigners are looting taking our artefacts to their country or sale it at the black market. Is a tragic that 50% of artefacts in most of our museum are fake, like the Nok terra-cotter most of artefacts are being taking out of the country. Is sad that the level of ignorance that has corrupt our mind and make us blind by all means? The way things are going now I think the Nigerians really need a wakeup call towards Tourism sector before things get out of hand.

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